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night vision goggles and a gas mask. he said in a rambling online manifesto that he is out for revenge over his 2008 firing from the lapd. l.a.'s police chief told us he is reopening the investigation into dorner's dismissal. >> i'm not doing this to appease him. i'm doing this so that the community has faith in what the police department does. >> reporter: an fbi profiler says she doesn't believe five years after the fact that dorner has snapped. >> i think this was a longtime in planning. and i believe he fantasized about doing this for a very long period of time. >> reporter: police went door- to-door near the remote but popular big bear resort, in the shadow of skiers enjoying a weekend of fun. >> i guess it's kind of scary but i think the cops know what they're doing. >> reporter: the lapd also
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aheaded extra security on the grammys. a man trained by the very department he's turned against. edward lawrence for cbs news, los angeles. los angeles police captain, who is on christopher dorner's hit list is taking the threat seriously. he says he has been afraid to leave his home since he learned that dorner threatened revenge against colleagues he blames for ending his career. he refuses to discuss the proceedings, saying they're confidential. well, there's been a starting increase in reported rapes in berkeley. nearly double the number in just one year. kpix 5 reporter don knapp is in berkeley with more on what police say could be behind those numbers. >> reporter: is it just more reporting or in fact are rapes up 95% from berkeley? the spike was reported to berkeley city council on
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tuesday. according to the oakland tribune. >> we're not sure what's behind the increase in reported rapes this year. it's too early to tell whether or not it's the beginning of a trend or what. >> reporter: but he says they do know something about the rapes that occur mostly in the housing areas around the campus. >> we are concerned that the vast majority of these cases involve acquaintance rape where the offender is a friend or a former dating relationship or acquaintance of the victim. we're also concerned that alcohol plays a part in these rapes. >> reporter: greenwood does not blame fraternities or sororities. >> this is not a problem limited to fraternities and sororities. it's a problem across the city. >> reporter: since 2011, all incoming students go through intervention training for sexual assault. that may play a role in the increased rape numbers. while only 5% of sex assault victims will report a rape, as
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many as 66% will tell their friends. those friends now have a responsibility to report. and individuals have a responsibility to take care of themselves. >> in terms of personal risk management, people have to pay attention to using alcohol or drugs on dates and that's kind of situations. police in pleasant hill say a man with a knife held at least one jack in the box employee hostage during a robbery attempt. police say the man entered the fast food restaurant on contra costa boulevard around 5:40 this morning. one employee managed to call police. >> as soon as the officers got to the restaurant, they were able to evacuate some of the employees from the front of the restaurant. at some point during the incident, he actually released another employee. >> about an hour later, the suspect, 41-year-old samuel guerrero of pittsburg, surrendered voluntarily and was arrested.
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he is facing robbery, kidnapping and false imprisonment charges. a cyclist was killed this morning when she was hit by a cement truck. it happened at 3rd and king street as thousands were lining up for the giants' fan fest. the victim has been identified as 48-year-old diane sullivan of san francisco. investigators are still trying to figure out how the crash happened. >> we're still interviewing witnesses and trying to get video footage so we can put the investigation together. >> sullivan was taken to a local hospital where she died a short time later. police say the cement truck drive is cooperating with the investigation. the innocent victim of gang violence was remembered today by friends, family and the first lady. hundreds attended the funeral of the girl.
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michelle obama was among those paying respects. >> you don't know how hard this really is. and those of you that do know how hard this is, i'm sorry. >> just days before being shot, hidaya was performing during president obama's inauguration. well, the storm that dumped more than three feet of snow in some parts of the northeast is now being blamed for nine deaths. and more than half a million people are still in the dark tonight. this photo was just released by nasa. it shows the blizzard as it roared across the northeast. cbs reporter marley shows us how the recovery is just getting started. >> reporter: road crews are working around the clock. several states have lifted travel bans, and airports are reopening. but it's taken a lot of work. >> everything has been crazy since last night. i've been out since last night,
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still shoveling. >> reporter: a massive winter storm dumped more than three feet of snow in some places. long island was one of the hardest hit. >> i was out shoveling the walk and i looked over and i saw the roofing begin to collapse. >> reporter: and firefighters had to rescue dozens of people trapped on local roadways throughout the night. in massachusetts, people worked together to dig out. >> a lot of cleanup. yep. my husband is somewhere in the neighborhood cleaning other people's houses and we're finishing up here. >> reporter: the nor'easter also caused flooding in low- lying areas along the massachusetts and maine coastline. now people in areas buried under the snow have to deal with frigid temperatures. here in hartford, connecticut, it's expected to drop into the single digits overnight. thousands will have to brave those temperatures without electricity. at the height of the storm, more than 650,000 people lost power and officials say it will
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take time to restore it. >> this is going to be a multiday event. it could be monday, could be tuesday. people need to find shelter if they're cold. >> reporter: while the cleanup continues, some people are trying to enjoy this big blast of winter. marley hall for cbs news, hartford, connecticut. well, the economy is expected to be the focus of president obama's state of the union address on tuesday night. but gun control will certainly be a key part too. cbs news chief white house correspondent garrett has more on that. >> he will talk about a ban on assault-style weapons, a limit on so-called high capacity ammunition magazines. universal background checks are attracting the most support in the senate and it is this reform the white house is adamant about achieving. >> you can watch the state of the union on tuesday night at 6, right here on kpix 5. and
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we'll have a special edition of kpix 5 news right after. well, they are dangerous roads, 19th avenue and van ness. new legislation has been introduced to permanently set the double fine zones. the fines are steep, as much as $2400. and it appears to be working. in the first two years of the double fines, there were no pedestrian fatalities on either street. if you see police, firefighters and helicopters in fremont tomorrow, don't panic. it's all part of a disaster drill. it will take place at unitech education near the auto park. one last rehearsal before the big show. we'll take you behind the scenes, ahead of the grammys. it's almost here.
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giants fans celebrate with their players before they head off to spring training. we're certainly in a spring- like weather pattern here with continuous dry conditions. the next shot of rain and when you should expect it, right here as kpix 5 news continues.
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ocean. music's biggest night takes center stage it promises to be it doesn't matter if you're rooting for carly ray jepsen or frank ocean. music's biggest stage takes place tomorrow. bigad shaban takes us inside the staples center in los angeles and a look behind the scenes of the 55th annual grammy awards. >> reporter: the lumineers got a chance to rehearse on the grammy stage, before doing it for real on sunday. the band is up for best new artist and is excited to be rubbing elbows with the biggest stars in the business. >> i saw justin timberlake, beyonce, right in front of where we were playing. >> reporter: the biggest music award show of the year features about 20 performances, justin timberlake, taylor swift are some of the headliners. many of the celebrities have had their seats picked out for
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days. crews are racing to finish preps for the big night, which will include artists from different musical categories performing together. ken erlack has been doing the show for more than 30 years. >> there's a freedom that an artist has, who says i've always wanted to sing this song, do a tribute for this artist. this is the place to do that. >> reporter: music critic todd martin predicts up and coming artists will dominate this year's grammys. >> the grammys are sort of really embracing a lot of the sort of unknown artists that are nominated. putting them on this stage. >> reporter: it will be a chance for musicians to show off what they've got. bigad shaban, cbs news, los angeles. >> and the 55th grammy awards airs tomorrow, at 8 p.m., right after 60 minutes. we want to show you some
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interesting video of the snowstorm back east. if you think it didn't snow all that much, check this out. this is time lapse video taking in rocky hill, connecticut. you can watch as the snow weighs down that train and then piles up over time. connecticut is among the area's hardest hit. nearly three feet of snow in just a matter of hours. they're going to need some help. meanwhile, we, as roberta was saying, are enjoying spring- like temperatures. >> today was actually 5 to 7 degrees warmer than what we experienced yesterday. we will continue to see a gradual warm-up, with valentine's day being the warmest and sweetest of all. looking out toward the bay bridge, all lit up. it's been fun watching these lights go off and on as they test the new lights on the new
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bay bridge. currently in oakland, it's 42. and notice the numbers tumbling into the 30's already at this hour. livermore, san jose and also to the north in santa rosa. today's highs, again, warmer than yesterday, 50's and 60's. but the temperatures are still below average for this area. it's near freezing in livermore. you'll find that frost on the lawn in pleasanton, also back in through blackhawk, all the way in towards concord. 36 in san jose. overnight, 30's will be common around the peninsula. look at the traffic heading into the city of san francisco from oakland, on the bay bridge. we we have clear skies. overnight, the patchy frost develops. tomorrow, waking up with the frost. during the daytime hours, a more seasonal day as far as our
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highs are concerned. this is the area of low pressure that brought us snow yesterday. it's out of here. high pressure quickly filling in. it's sitting pretty for the next seven full days. i'm not looking at any kind of precipitation until about february 21 to the 22nd. otherwise, here's a comparison. where we stand as far as precipitation, there you have last year's anemic numbers. so we're not doing too bad at all, especially in santa rosa. but these numbers dwindle very rapidly without the rainfall. heading to the beach, 60 in santa cruz. that rip current risk remains on the high side. keep that in mind. 50's, 60's across the central valley. towards monterey bay and pebble beach, in the mid 50's. it will be 63 in ukiah through
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fort bragg. tomorrow, our numbers going up ever so slightly. 50's and 60's. this is when you're notice a change. not monday, not tuesday. but wednesday we'll be basking in highs in the mid 60's, and then by thursday, i'm telling ya, it's nearly 70 degrees. you're going to feel the difference that day. air quality will become a little stagnant by the end of the workweek. otherwise, i'm not looking at rain for at least the next ten days, perhaps by the 21st, 22nd. and that is not good news. >> wow. no. no. >> we need some rain. >> and snow in tahoe. >> thank you much. all right. all these spring-like temperatures, they're making people think about baseball. and giants fans are still basking in world series glory. spring training starts tuesday. anne makovec was at the giants fan fest today, where thousands turned out to greet the 2012 world champions. >> it's a super day for me.
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>> reporter: the lines started forming last night and grew to more than five blocks long by the morning, all for the chance to see a giant in person. >> no one wants to shine brighter than the other. we're all going to get to shine at one point or another. >> reporter: the world series trophies were shining as props for fan photos. >> it was excellent. i almost wanted to touch one but they wouldn't let me. >> reporter: they waited in line for hours. >> hoping for someone cool. >> reporter: not knowing which rotated player would be signing autographs. >> we were waiting in line for pablo. >> reporter: but another star player was around the corner. >> oh, my god! yes! so happy! love hunter pence! >> do you have a crush on him? >> of course! he's beautiful! >> awesome breathtaking! it was wonderful! he's hot! >> reporter: speaking of looks, tim lincecum is sporting a new
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one. he's sporting glasses that he doesn't even need to see. he doesn't have a prescription. >> love it, even the glasses. >> reporter: not everyone agrees. >> i don't know. he looks like -- >> reporter: the players just want to be known as world series champs. >> there's a lot of expectations, no doubt about it. but this is the position you want to be in. >> reporter: and to the fans? >> thank you for your support! you guys make it fun for us! >> reporter: now they're heading for spring training. their first time back in at&t park will be in late march. all right. a ref and a player mix it up. that's right. and a report from pebble beach coming! jim harbaugh turning some heads on the greens! we'll be back ! sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now.
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all right. good evening, everybody. round three of the pebble beach pro-am, has a local pro and a local celebrity in contention. all three courses in play. the focus today? the pebble beach links. bill murray. well, he got the game. i mean -- he plays up for the cameras. here's 49er coach jim harbaugh. don't worry, folks. he would make up for it a little later on. and boy, did it go downhill for phil mickelson. literally. oh! slips on the rocks. looking for his ball. he triple bogeyed.
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how about brandt snedeker? won the fedex cup last season. he gets that one right. about six feet from the pen. snedeker sunk the birdie here. he had four birdies in a row at one point. he finished the day at 12-under for the tournament. shares the lead with local product james hahn. for more, we go back to pebble beach and dennis o'donnell. >> reporter: thanks, vern. what a round three here. tomorrow's final round will come down to the great pairing. james hahn, the rookie out of cal, against the up-and-coming superstar brandt snedeker. >> i put myself in too many positions that were in bad spots. i'm thinking my way really well around the golf course right now. >> how much is in the back of your mind of trying to get into augusta? >> zero. yeah. i'm not even in next week's tournament. so for me a top 10 finish would
11:23 pm
be great. >> birdie eagle. >> what would it mean for you to win this tournament? >> i don't know. if i win it, i'll let you know. >> don't forget, jim harbaugh. on the pro-am side, the 49ers coach is just three back from the lead. he has made the cut. look for us on the par 5 postgame show. vern, let's go back to you. all right. we're coming back with what paul harvey used to say, the rest of the story. and the warriors, they had a roadblock.
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there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos. barrow island has got rare kangaroos. ♪ ♪ chevron has been developing energy here for decades. we need to protect their environment. we have a strict quarantine system to protect the integrity of the environment. forty years on, it's still a class-a nature reserve. it's our job to look after them.'s
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my job to look after it. ♪ ♪ tonight. the warriors. oh! a disastrous road trip. they're in dallas. all punchless. dirk nowitzki falling down. the warriors were never in this one, folks. fourth period, off a curry miss, here come the mavericks. warriors lose 116-91. they are limping home. former cardinal josh childress in attendance at arizona state. dwight powell got into the act. he had 22 points. and the sun devils, they lose. final of 62-59.
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nice win for stanford. st. marys in san diego. and st. marys, it was just, oh, man, where is waldo? yeah! brad waldo. gaels up by two. second half, matthew, the up- and-under shot. they won 74-64 tonight. and an unbelievable game in south bend tonight. they missed for one overtime. here's the second overtime. no. ah try for the third. no. fourth overtime. no. five overtimes! five! before the irish come out alive over louisville. 104-101. wow. what a thriller! let's catch you some action on the ice.
11:28 pm
coyotes. mike smith had 33 stops. time after time. the fellow was like a wall. and then radium vrbata sent everybody home. phoenix on top. sharks have lost four in a row. at this point, i only -- only in russia maybe. i don't think we've ever seen this. referee gets knocked down by the player, okay. calmly, he takes off his helmet, puts it down. and there he goes again! >> oh! >> oh, man! saturday night at the fights! russian hockey! the ref is mad and is just not gonna take it anymore! i love that! all right. we'll be right back.
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fireworks went off across the city to welcome the "year of the snake." residents braved they're celebrating the chinese new year in beijing. fireworks went out across the city to welcome the year of the snake. residents braved freezing temperatures to set off the fireworks. that's it for kpix 5 news at 11. thanks for watching. before we go, we want to go back to russia. can't get enough of this really bizarre radio video. what happens, the ref make a bad call? >> he didn't like it. he goes right after him! >> that will be all over the
11:32 pm
internet tomorrow. good night. see you tomorrow. >> sharks need to sign that guy!
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alan: not yet. not yet. wait for the traffic to clear and then turn into the left lane. not yet. not yet. okay. go. hurry, hurry hurry, hurry. oh, god. oh, god. oh, god. (tires skidding) (horn honking) all right, good. good. well done. thank you. what are you doing? driving. both hands-- ten and two. twelve. what? no, no, like a clock.
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10:00 and 2:00. i have no idea what you're talking about. put your left hand on the wheel. fine. you got to like that he can add ten and two. yeah. and he did it in his head. (music plays on radio) hey, hey, hey, hey. concentrate on the road. (turns off radio) what? you listen to the radio while you drive. i'm an experienced driver. you drive like an old woman. an experienced old woman. my point is never take your eyes off the road. hey, don't distract the kid. he can barely crap and read at the same time. i can too! don't look at me! look at the road! don't yell at him! jake, look out! look out! (horn blaring) will you guys just let me drive? fine, fine. drive. so, charlie, when's your, uh... when's your fiancée back in town? next week. so her dad's out of the hospital? yep. they gave him his new hip and sent him home. so, he had a bad hip? no, alan, he has a bad tooth, but he went to the wrong doctor. you don't have to be snide. you don't have to ask dumb-ass questions. he didn't ask me anything.

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